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Alessandro Manfrin lives and works in Milan. His practice is strongly multidisciplinary using different media like photography, sculpture, sound, installation.

Wandering through the city’s neighborhoods as a daily practice. Recognizing shapes and objects on the roadside: construction debris, posters, furniture, beds, mattresses, clothing. Objects waiting for the sanitation department to take them away. The city of the contemporary human and its infinite waste, fossils even before time fixes matter. Tired, worn-out objects bearing traces of unchecked consumerism, and small poetic gestures as well. Urban subconscious. Cerulean mattresses with white and silver embroidery, roughly rolled up and laid out on the asphalt, as city fumes turn them into grey clouds. Adverts printed on blueback paper, once hung on billboards, become blue skeins, unintentional sculptures. Broken windows, beers, small monuments to life lived. Shards of thought serving as the city’s punctuation. Things given to all and belonging to no one, not quite waste, suspended in limbo, awaiting judgment. Dried-out plants in empty offices, ads for seasonal workers. Infinite and countless fragments of the neurotic and exhilarating race toward nothingness. Involuntary collection. Walking in the city becomes a game of tracing the scars of acceleration.

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